Hi!  My name is Ilana, the Happy Healthy Hottie!

I’m living in New York City.  I have a house in Queens, where I live with my three cats, a dog and my roommate.  I am hardcore obsessed with Pets, Pilates, Lady Gaga, great books, traveling, and shoes.  I love animals.  In college, I studied English and Jewish studies with a focus on Middle Eastern affairs and current events.  In the next year, I will be pursuing (and completing) my certification as a Pilates trainer, as well as beginning my studies towards a Master’s in nutrition.  I’ve worked with children and adolescents for the past three years, and I think my life’s work may end up going in that direction, whether it be through classroom education, physical education, or nutritional education.

I used to be the girl behind the blog Love, La, which I wrote during a dark period in my life when I had no clear direction or idea where I was going. Through writing that blog, as well as connecting with others who wrote blogs, I found a working formula of healthy food, physical activity, and surrounding myself with things that make me happy to help me combat the depression I’ve struggled with for most of my life.  Here at Happy Healthy Hottie, I want to share my story with the world and connect with others who are on a journey towards lifelong health and happiness as well!