For the beginners, the question how to choose a dog grooming clipper is always first and foremost. Owning a good one is the first step before grooming a dog. To choose a clipper is a tough “mission” as there are many of clipper brands are now be found  on the store shelving. Too much advice from the professional or the TV promotion. That is what make you confusing, and then read this post; it will remove your doubt.

Asking people around you

Your friends have a dog, and they have already purchased the dog clipper for sometimes? Great!! Ask them, how they feel about it? Does it work well? How much is it? You can gain a lot of information when talking with your friends about dog grooming clippers.

In case, all of your friends are the cat lover, okay, this is a situation. In spite of that, you can take part in a dog club, the more you hang on with dog club member, the more experience you will have. The benefits you can have will be more than knowing how to choose a clipper. It can be suitable food for a dog or how to train them.

Besides, you can consult the groomer as shaving dog is their very job.  They can tell you what they knew base on their experience. Might be you can hear the limit of the product that you can not hear on the advertisements. Do not hesitate, ask them is a good choice.

Though asking will let you know more ‘’real” about the clipper, you should set the target of the question. It means that you have to determine the factors leading to quality one. Consider things such as heat and noise emission, the power of the product, the sharp of the blade and the durability and add them to your question unless you want to hear the answer like “it’s good”,”it’s ok” or “it is not bad”. Clear information about this will increase your chance to get the best.


What happen if my clipper is hot??

The high temperature clipper will burn; make the irritation for your dog skin. When the clipper gets hot, you should to stop, wait till it is cool again, then continue your work. Ask someone you know about the heat emission of the clipper when you hear the complaint from them, it actually the one you should not get. Try to buy the one that takes more time to overheat and get cool faster is the ideal one. Hear from a different source since you do not want to cause the pain for your dog.

Beware of the thunderous clipper

A good clipper is the one can work without too much sound. A noisy product is very annoying, both for you and your dog. For you, it is inconvenient, but for your dog, it is much more than that. The loud sound will scare your dog as the dog is very sensitive.

Especially, in the first grooming of your dog, a noisy clipper will ruin everything. From then on, every time you want to groom your dog you have to seek them because they will hide from you. In the condition you force them to do so; it certainly leads to the trust issue.

Is it powerful?

The dog’s coat is extremely thick. Some of the dogs’ coat even have two or three layers. That is the reason for the best clipper must be powerful. A powerful one helps your wok to be done faster and smoother. In addition, the dog hair often gets twist and knot. Only a powerful one can get through the mats of your dog.

Meanwhile, the one with strong motor usually go with the booming sound. Make sure the clipper you choose is not only powerful but also silence.


How about the blade??

You should care for the blades as it very important. The dog have a thick coat, it makes the blade very easy to wear. To keep the blade stay sharp, you should take care it, remain it. Some people suggest that you should oil the blade before using it.

The blade is sharp for a long time is what we want. Though we can sharpen the blade, it will take a lot of time. And the teeth of the blades are not so difficult to get a break. You should choose the clipper blade made from the heavy mental as it is hard and sharp for a long time.

Stainless blades are recommended, carbon was added the iron to make the steel make it keep it sharp. The silver sometimes can be used as an ingredient of the blade, as it prevents the growth of the bacteria from the dog coat. By using that ingredient, your clipper blades are not smelled.


Is it a long last one??

A quality clipper saves you money. By how? It durability, the longer you can use, the less money you have to spend for grooming work. As the dog grooming clipper is not cheap at all, consider to have a long life will save you for bucks. Telling everyone you know that have already groomed their dog at home; they will tell you exactly the durability of the product. You can avoid the terrible clippers, and make a wise choice.

By listening, you might identify the pros and cons of the clippers. Some clipper breaks because it falls from the high, some are because the motor does not rotate properly, and there are many reasons for a clipper to be useless. So there more you carefully pay attention to the advice, the likely you have an excellence clipper