Traveling with pets in your car can be very enjoyable.  You just need to be prepared and make sure you take some measures to keep them safe and happy.

Before you embark on your journey, you need to take several things into consideration.  Letting your dog ride in the front seat is very dangerous.  Allowing them to ride on the drivers lap can distract the driver and cause accidents.  If you allow them to ride on the passengers lap, when the airbag is engaged the pet can be seriously injured, or worse.  Barriers will keep your pet from climbing into the front seat and this is very important, however they still need to be restrained in a Pet Car Seat.

Traveling with pets requires a lot of forethought on how you are going to keep them safe and happy.  A Pet Car Seat will allow them to sit up higher so they can look around and you can attach their harness to restrain them from being tossed around.  Plus the Pet Car Seat is soft and comfortable for a more enjoyable ride for them.  There are several different types of Car Seats, so take your time and research which one would be best for your pet.

Larger dogs are better off either in a Kennel large enough for them to stand and turn around or lay down, or with a Large Harness to keep them from being tossed around.

You will also want to pack plenty of water, treats and toys for your dog.  Make sure you stop often enough to give them water.  On average a small dog weighing approx 10 lbs would need between 5 to 10 oz. per day.  Puppies need to have water every couple of hours.  So plan plenty of water stops while traveling with pets.  Bringing their favorite toy from home will also keep them happy and busy.


Now that you have given your pet plenty of water, you need to also allow for a potty break and stretching of the legs.  If they are happy, you will be happy too.

A common mistake a lot of people make is leaving their dog in the car while they run in to a store or stop for breakfast at a restaurant.  This can be extremely dangerous for your pets.  If you are traveling in the summer or through one of the hotter states,  Do Not Leave your pet in the car.  The temperature in the car is much higher than it is outside and your pet could get very sick.

We travel with a feisty MalShih, a ShihTzu and a Sun Conure.  Making sure they have their bags packed with their treats and toys has saved us from a lot of stress. With some pre-planning, your trip traveling with pets will be fun and enjoyable for all.  Your trip will be less stressful and your pets will appreciate your extra efforts.